Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a franchisee? Complete an application online.  You will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document.  It is your responsibility to read it.  Next, pass a basic skills test.  Then you will be ready to investigate our business opportunity with the help of the local development office.  The Development Agent office and Doctor’s Associates Inc. will determine if you meet our qualifying standards.
  • How much is the SUBWAY® Franchise Fee? The initial franchise fee is $15,000. If qualified to purchase additional locations, the franchise fee is $7,500.
  • What is the term of a SUBWAY® franchise? The $15,000 franchise fee purchases a franchise honored for twenty years.  This franchise is renewable for an additional twenty years with no fees.
  • What kind of training is available to new franchisees? Training is for two weeks, 50% in class and 50% in store training.  All franchisees named on each franchise agreement must satisfactorily complete training at SUBWAY® World Headquarters before the store will be allowed to open. One week of local in-store training may also be required.
  • How much money can I expect to make and what is my return on investment? In our Franchise Disclosure Document, we further explain why we cannot provide an earnings claim. We do not furnish or authorize our employees, salespeople, or Development Agents to furnish any oral or written information concerning the actual or potential sales. Actual results vary from restaurant to restaurant and we cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise. We encourage you to call SUBWAY® restaurant owners from the Franchise Disclosure Document to learn firsthand why they decided to acquire additional franchises.
  • What is my financial obligation as a SUBWAY® franchisee? Beyond the one time franchise fee of $15,000 you will be required to pay royalties to Doctor’s Associates Inc. of 8% on weekly gross sales.  You will be required to pay an advertising fee to the Subway Franchise Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) of 4.5% on weekly gross sales.
  • Who negotiates the lease? The Development Office initially negotiates the terms of a lease.  Subway Real Estate, LLC (SRELLC) will finalize the lease with the landlord and sign the master lease.
  • Do I sign the lease? You will sign a sub-lease with Subway Real Estate, LLC (SRELLC) under the same terms and conditions as the master lease.  You will pay rent directly to the landlord each month.
  • Where do I purchase food for my restaurant? All franchisees are required to order food from an approved vendor. Pricing, quality and transport are monitored by SUBWAY® restaurants’ Independent Purchasing Council (IPC).
  • Is operational support available? Yes. Each franchisee is assigned a Business Consultant to help you meet SUBWAY® standards of operation.  In addition, support is available from the development offices and University of SUBWAY® courses.
  • How do I advertise my SUBWAY? Franchisees pay 4.5 % royalty to the Subway Franchise Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) each week.  Those funds help pay for SUBWAY® national advertising. Franchisees are also encouraged to advertise to their local customer base. 
  • Can I sell my restaurant? Yes, you may sell your restaurant at any time after opening, provided the company approves the buyer.